For the new parents.

the cozy lovers and homebodies.

this is for you. this is your family. These are your memories.

I'm so happy for you and am so excited to be part of your family's new journey! I'm a mom of four and love new babies and mamas! I love to capture those first moments, when everything is a blur and is constantly changing so quickly. I'll be there to capture those memories for you. I know how important they are and how special every day is.

Tips for your Session

Why an in home lifestyle session?

In the comfort and convenience of your own home, there's no better place to be. It's intimate, personal, and the most special way to capture your first memories with your new baby. Those first days you're most comfy at home, where you can easily feed and change your baby whenever you need. You don't have to pack, worry about your discomfort or needs, include your fur babies if you'd like, and you won't feel rushed. You can just relax, enjoy your family, and capture your real life. There's nothing better or more important than that.

What timing is best?

I love natural sunlight! We will use the beautiful natural light in your home, so midday is best for great daylight! We aim to schedule between 11:00am and 2:00pm for ideal lighting, however, we do have a little flexibility. This timing is usually good for new parents as well, as you're not rushed in the morning and not too wiped out after a long day. I don't use flash with sensitive newborn eyes and when I arrive I will take a peek around your home for great spots with lovely window light. We don't need much, just a window is perfect! We will turn off all the artificial lights in your home and open up those blinds and curtains!

How long does the session last?

The length of your session can vary but is typically approximately 90 minutes or so. We don't rush and take breaks as you need, as well as time to feed your baby, etc. I also know you're tired and sore and do not drag it on extensively, taking up your entire day with your new baby.

When should the baby eat?

I go with the flow. I follow the baby and we don't want an unhappy little one or to force anything. This is about your real life and what is convenient for you. I do recommend feeding your baby just before your session, so he or she is content and comfy. If baby needs to eat during your session, no problem! If you'd like feeding or breastfeeding photos, we can do that too!

How many photos will i receive?

You will receive all of your hand edited, high resolution digital photos from your session, which typically yields 40+ beautiful images, including some black and white photos. You will receive them via personal online gallery for easy downloading within ten days following your session and if you'd like a sneak peek, let me know, as I will often post a couple within a day or two and would love to share with you!

How should I prepare my home?

You don't have to do much or stress about it! When I arrive I can always move a little something here or there (I'll put it back!) and will look for ideal spots for great photos.
You don't need to do extensive cleaning and we will focus on your family, so none of the background stuff shows up in photos! If you have special rooms or locations in mind, you can show me when I arrive, such as your bed, baby's nursery and crib, your couch, etc.
Try to have yourself ready and dressed as well as baby fed, dressed, and with a clean diaper.
You can turn off artificial lights and open the blinds, and we can do this as we move along, as well.
You can also have the temperature in your home nice and comfy and warm. You don't need it so hot that you're sweating, but a little on the warm side is good so baby is happy and cooperative.
Stay well hydrated the day of your session and have a snack beforehand.
Feel free to play your favorite music during your session. The environment of your session is very peaceful, so if that helps your relax or have fun, create your positive vibes however you like!
If you have a dog, we can absolutely include him or her in your session if you'd like! I love fur babies! Please have them in a separate room when I first arrive, as it tends to be overwhelming at the very beginning (because they're super excited) and they love to jump in front of shots and we don't want to waste your time and miss those moments or add stress to your experience.
If you have other kiddos, have clean snacks ready, their favorite toys, or cartoons, which are all helpful! We will take photos with the whole fam first, so when they're done, they can go play and we will continue with baby!

What should I wear?

This is completely up to you! The most important thing is to be comfortable! Be yourself! I suggest loose fitting, flowy clothing that is not constricting to your body or movement. I use flattering angles and poses to focus on baby and not accentuate areas you may be concerned about, but it is important for you to be in some photos too!
Keep the colors simple and neutral or complimentary, with just a couple pops of color. Neutral colors and florals are always great.
Avoid clothes with logos, fonts, graphics, or fine prints (pinstripes, small plaid, checkers, etc.).
Wear clothing that fits properly and isn't too tight or clingy, as this shows in photos. Also check for undergarments and panty lines.
Glasses may have a glare.
Watch out for orange tanner or unblended makeup.
Reschedule your session if anyone in your household is sick.
Be aware of stains, wrinkles, holes, etc.
Have clean faces and fingernails.
Even when you're tired a positive attitude is the best thing to have at your session for a great experience and the most special photos!

Do you use props or bring anything?

I do bring some props along with me to every session! A lifestyle session is very candid and unposed, capturing real life and the beauty of your baby in his or her comfortable home, in your arms, and natural moments. This is what we focus on. However, I do bring along a gorgeous basket, cozy blankets, a couple wraps, newborn girl headbands, cute crocheted hats, etc. If you'd like, we will usually take a few lightly posed photos of your baby in the basket at the end of the session when he or she is tired. We do not have to use the props at all, if you choose! Of course we can use your own items! It's not necessary, but I encourage you to have a favorite wrap and headband set, special blanket, etc., that you'd like to incorporate in your session. We can change baby's outfit and will move around for plenty of variety.

Does my session have to take place in my home?

Outdoor newborn sessions are also extremely beautiful and popular! I'd be thrilled to capture your newborn photos outdoors during nice weather, if you'd like. I have lots of great location ideas if you need! For some families, this is preferred and I love it too!

When should I schedule my session?

Luckily, we have a lot of flexibility with lifestyle sessions! I typically advise as soon as you feel comfortable after birth. Around two weeks is usually good timing because you're beginning to get into a bit of a routine, starting to move around a tiny bit, and your baby is still new and little. After that, newborn acne sometimes pops up, baby gets a little more squirmy and less sleepy, etc. However, I know life happens and you have schedules, work, postpartum is physically and mentally demanding, and the days all run together. I get it. I want you to feel comfortable and enjoy yourself so I'm flexible and want to do what's right for you.

What kind of photos will you take?

A lifestyle session focuses on your baby, his or her details, environment, and your beautiful relationship together, including your baby in your arms, in the nursery and crib, family photos, etc. Your session is very natural, laidback, and relaxed. I will help guide you through your session and will also capture candid, unposed moments. This is your beautiful real life.
This all about you and I love to hear your ideas so please share with me!

How can i prepare myself and my baby?

Try to have yourself ready when I arrive and chosen outfits and accessories for baby set out. Consider purchasing a newborn size outfit specifically for your session beforehand. I highly recommend a one piece neutral solid color romper. Have your baby clean and bathed before your session, including toes and eyes.

Anything else?

If you think of anything, need anything, want advice, or have any questions at all, please let me know! That's what I'm here for! I have lots of newborn experience and am a mama too, so don't think hesitate to message me!