Be you. Be comfortable. A positive attitude is the best thing to bring and a smile the best thing you can wear!


Be yourself and comfortable! Be able to move, sit, walk, and breathe. If you hate heels, don't feel like you need to wear them!

Comfy, practical shoes.

A backup outfit if you're worried.

Choose 3-4 colors with 1-2 accents (ex. cream, mustard, red, with green or brown accents). Neutrals with 1 or 2 pops of color works well!

Mix and match colors on top vs. bottom.

Clothes that fit properly.

Wear layers if it's cold.

Flowy dresses photograph well.

Floral patterns and solid colors are always good!

Not Recommended

Clothing with logos, graphics, or fonts.

Cell phones or keys in pockets.

Being matchy-matchy.

Cargo pants and shorts.

Small patterns (pinstripes, checkers, small plaid, polka dots).

High heels can be difficult to walk in.

Loose, baggy clothing that doesn't fit well.

Clothing too short or tight (too clingy shows through in photos).

Clothes with stains, wrinkles, holes, etc.

Lots of things to carry.

Negative attitude. The more you relax and put into it, the better the result. :)

Other Tips

Do not come to your session while sick.

Be aware of undergarments and panty lines.

Use the restroom before your session.

Glasses may create a glare.

Watch out for orange tanner and unblended makeup.

Consider wearing bug spray if needed.

Bring along a change of clothes for after, just in case.

Bring water, clean snacks, and special toys for kiddos.

Have a clean face (no food, runny nose, etc.).

Let's play some of your favorite songs (I have my Spotify ready) during your session!

Relax, be yourself, and HAVE FUN!